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Products that are a modification to our catalog material, customized to suit your needs. From a format change to custom specifications or custom testing, custom services can further your research.

Custom Reagent Services Capabilities:

Custom Services Team: Your liaison to commercial R&D, Manufacturing, Production, Quality, and Customer Service partners offering experience and tailored solutions to meet your precise requirements.

Custom Packaging and Formulation: Our catalogue products can be formulated to meet your custom specifications. Options include changes to fill volumes, containers, or format changes such as component removal, concentrations, or conjugations.

Quality systems: We support your application needs by offering custom quality control testing and change control. We provide certificates, batch records and other special documentation. Additionally, our experienced QA department can entertain site audits, upon request.

Materials Management: Annual orders (standing or blanket orders/draw orders), just-in-time delivery and lot reservations will help you pre-qualify materials for your experiments and scale-up processes.

Most of our catalogue products can be customized, including small-scale packs, changes in concentration, special blends, conjugations, purifications specific to your QC testing, and scale-up.

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Interested in OEM, Custom and Bulk reagent quantities of any of our catalogue product offering? Contact us!