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Strat-M® Membrane Variability Data

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No need to repeat testing each time a new lot of skin arrives in the lab. Strat-M® membrane is a highly consistent, engineered material that allows you to compare today’s diffusion data with data you will generate next week, or next month.

Reproducible diffusion data and low lot-to-lot variability
Measured flux rate of a caffeine solution through Strat-M® membrane (left) shows greater lot-to-lot consistency than through human cadaver skin (right). Flux rates of caffeine were measured for five different lots of Strat-M® membrane and eight different lots of human cadaver skin. The diffusion test was conducted in a Franz cell with a 500 µL saturated caffeine solution. Data represent average 8-hour cumulative flux values for four samples per lot of membrane or skin. The average flux for Strat-M® membrane was 304.0 µg/cm2, with CV = 8%. The average flux for human cadaver skin was 168.8 µg/cm2, with CV = 72%. Strat-M® membrane used in this study was pre-validated material.

Note: Information presented is based on preliminary development tests. Official claims will be based on product validation results.