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Publications Citing Strat-M® Membrane

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Because of the increasing number of restrictions being placed on the use of human and non-human animal skin, many research laboratories are investigating alternative skin models. Since Strat-M® membrane was launched, several peer-reviewed studies have been published citing Strat-M® membrane and analyzing its performance in predicting transdermal diffusion. On this page, you will find links to selected publications citing Strat-M® membrane and detailing procedures for its use in skin diffusion testing.
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Predicting Skin Permeation the Easy Way.
Dr. Kenji Sugibayashi’s renowned skin permeation lab found that Strat-M® membrane could be used to accurately predict diffusion of multiple compounds through human and hairless rat skin.

Uchida et. Al., European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 67 (2015) 113–118.

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