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Faster Sample Processing Compared to Manual Syringe Filtration

Using the steps indicated (below the table*), sample processing time was compared between the Samplicity® G2 filtration system and manual syringe filtration, processing eight samples at a time, using a variety of Millex® device types** and test solutions. The Samplicity® G2 filtration system afforded time savings in all cases tested.

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Sample TypeSamplicity® G2 Filtration System time benefit over manual syringe (per 8 samples)Samplicity® G2 Filtration System processing time (minutes; 8 samples)(10 mL) Syringe processing time (minutes; 8 samples)
  Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
Milli-Q® Water 54% 62% 1.88 2.08 4.08 5.22
Dissolution Testing 40% 49% 2.23 2.68 3.85 5.17
5% Ketchup 28% 60% 3.10 4.15 4.93 9.23

*Steps performed for each method:
Each step was timed in order to assess processing speed for 8 samples.

A. Samplicity® G2 Filtration SystemB. Manual Syringe Filtration
1. Insert 8 HPLC vials into base 1. Unwrap syringe Repeat these steps 8 times total.
2. Insert 8 Millex® filters** into lid 2. Pull sample into syringe
3. Insert 8 funnels into Millex® filters 3. Attach Millex® filter to syringe
4. Pipette 8 samples into funnels 4. Push plunger to filter the sample  
5. Turn vacuum on    
6. Discard funnels and filters    
7. Disassemble and remove vials    

**Refers to Millex® Filters for the Samplicity® G2 System. Specific filters tested were 0.22 μm Durapore® PVDF, 0.45 μm Durapore® PVDF, 0.22 μm Millipore Express® PLUS PES, 0.45 μm Millipore Express® PLUS PES, 0.20 μm nylon, and 0.45 μm nylon.

For Optimum Speed Advantage, Choose Millex Samplicity® Filters

The Samplicity® filtration system filtration time comparison to syringe filtrationOverall time savings using Samplicity® filtration system compared to syringe filtration.To compare the speed of the Samplicity® system compared to syringe filtration, either four or eight 1.0 mL samples of 1% Pepto-Bismol were filtered by 15 timed users, either through hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Millex syringe filters with a 10 mL syringe, or through 0.45 µm hydrophilic PTFE Millex Samplicity® membrane filters using the Samplicity® filtration system.

Pre-launch Device Disclaimer: The information presented is based on preliminary development results. Device performance in specific applications may be different.
The Samplicity® filtration system sample yield comparison to syringe filtrationThe Samplicity® Filtration system enables higher yields for small sample volumes: low holdup volume enables you to do more analyses with each precious sample.