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Below please find the recommended membrane based on your contaminant:
Below please find the recommended membrane based on your test method:

Fuel Monitoring Filters

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Contamination Monitoring Brochure

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Dirty fuel can rob an engine of power, reduce fuel efficiency and accelerate wear on major components. The higher injection pressures and tighter tolerances of today’s diesel and jet engines require diligent monitoring for contamination. Accurately measure particulate contaminants in fuel using MilliporeSigma’s filters and filter holders for maintaining your engine performance and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Filter Discs for Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring Kits

Filter Holders for Fuel Monitoring

Examples of regulated fuel monitoring methods are:

Recommended product(s)
ASTM D2274 Petroleum Monitoring AAWP0470M
ASTM D2276 Petroleum Particle Monitoring XX6403730MAWP037PM