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Reagents for Oligonucleotide Synthesis

For 30 years our organic chemistry knowledge and expertise has been utilized to purify and process Biosynthesis reagents and to develop these reagents to work with a high degree of accuracy.

We continue to bring new formulations to market, aligning with new synthesis instrumentation manufacturers, and continue to broaden our DNA, RNA and Peptide Synthesis product line portfolio.

Like our high purity solvents, our DNA/RNA reagents can be delivered in a wide variety of packaging types including bottles up to 4 liters and refillable stainless steel EMD ReCycler™ containers in sizes from 20L to 1250L. We also offer customized packaging, delivery and engineering solutions that will allow you to make direct connections to your lab instruments. If you don't see what you need, talk to us. We'll be glad to work with you to meet your specific requirements.

Activator Reagents

Cat. No.Product
BI0152 Novabiochem® Activator Solution
BI0155 Novabiochem® Activator Solution

Oxidizing Reagents

Cat. No.Product
BI0422 Novabiochem® Oxidizing Reagent, 0.02M I2 in THF/Pyrid
BI0424 Novabiochem® Oxidizing Reagent, 0.05M, I2 in Pyridine
BI0421 Novabiochem® Oxidizing Reagent, 0.1M I2 in THF/Pyridine
BI0420 Novabiochem® Oxidizing Reagent, .02M I2O

Deblocking Reagents

Cat. No.Product
BI0832 Novabiochem® Deblocking Reagent
BI0830 Novabiochem® Deblocking Reagent
BI0837 Deblocking Reagent
BI0835 Novabiochem® Deblock Reagent

Capping A Reagents

Cat. No.Product
BI0224 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent A
BI0223 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent A
BI0221 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent A
BI0222 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent A

Capping B Reagents

Cat. No.Product
BI0345 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent B
BI0344 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent B
BI0341 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent B
BI0342 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent B
BI0347 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent B1
BI0349 Novabiochem® Capping Reagent B2

Related Products

Cat. No.Product
AX0080 GR ACS Acetic Anhydride
DX0653 Dichloroacetic Acid
DX0657 Dichloroacetic Acid
EX0873 5-Ethylthio-1H-Tetrazole
HX0627 OmniTrace® Hydrofluoric Acid
IX0120 GR ACS Iodine
MX1123 1-Methylimidazole