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ISOSLIDE® Control Slides

Quality Control Made Easy for Histology

ISOSLIDE® Reticulin Control Slides There are plenty of reasons for sub-optimal staining of tissue samples, either caused by technical issues or human error. Both scenarios can be monitored and countered if suitable controls are included in every experiment and routine staining along the tissue samples. ISOSLIDE® control slides are indispensable for reliable results and complete monitoring of process quality in the histological laboratory.

Feature and Benefits

  • 25 slides in one Box (24 unstained preparations, 1 pre-stained slide)
  • All slides prepared from the same block of animal tissue (one Box contains one Batch)
  • Corresponding staining solutions and kits available from MilliporeSigma, laboratory’s own staining procedures can also be applied
  • Guaranteed detection of respective structures
  • Analysis certificate that documents the quality of the control specimens is available for each batch
  • Five-year shelf-life of IVD registered, CE certified products

Quality Assurance When Analyzing Tissue Samples

The ISOSLIDE® control slides offer the option of comparing control tissue specimens with your own preparations during the histological staining process.  The ISOSLIDE® control slide product line augments our already established portfolio of staining solutions and kits. The control slides are compatible with the PAS staining kit, Alcian blue staining solution, Reticulin silver plating Kit, Warthin-Starry Kit, Methenamine Kit, Congo red Kit, Mycobacteria staining (hot or cold) and the HEMATOGNOST FE® Kit for the Prussian blue reaction. Of course, your laboratory’s own method can also be used to stain the ISOSLIDE® control slides.

ISOSLIDE®: Also Useful for Laboratory Accreditation

ISOSLIDE® control slides are useful if a laboratory is to be accredited. They are CE certified. As an IVD product, they are also subject to comprehensive quality and process documentation, which can also be used for an audit.

Ordering Information

Animal Spcies
Cat. No
ISOSLIDE® Warthin-Starry Detection of Helicobacter bacteria 24 + 1 control slide Dog / Stomach 102472
Warthin-Starry silver plating kit 1 set (capacity: 500 slides)   102414
ISOSLIDE® Methenamine  Detection of argent-affine structures and e.g. fungi 24 + 1 control slide Dog / Kidney 102473
Methenamine silver plating kit acc. to Gomorri 1 set (capacity: 50 slides)   100820
ISOSLIDE® AFB Detection of acid-fast Mycobacteria in smears and tissue sections 24 + 1 control slide Bovine / Bowel 102560
TB-FLUOR staining kit 6x 500 ml (capacity: 60-70 slides)   109093
ZIEHL-NEELSEN Carbol-fuchsin solution 100 ml, 500 ml, 2.5 L (capacity: 50 – 2500 slides)   109215
TB-COLOR staining kit (cold staining)

6x 500 ml (capacity: 60-70 slides)

ISOSLIDE® Congo red Detection of Amyloid acc. to Highman 24 + 1 control slide Beech marten / Liver 102561
Congo red staining kit 3x 100 ml (capacity: 50 slides)   101641
ISOSLIDE® Reticulin Detection of reticular fibers in histology   Dog / Liver 100361
ISOSLIDE® Iron Detection of free iron in histological tissue   Dog / Spleen 100380
ISOSLIDE® PAS Detection of polysaccharides in histological tissue   Dog / Stomach 100408