Microscopy Brochures

Cytology Brochure
Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/Brochure/LE-Cytodiagnosis Brochure-120x160-02142014.jpgPapanicolaou staining is the most commonly used staining procedure in cytological-clinical diagnostics. In the brochure “Cytodiagnosis staining methods” we provide detailed technical and background information and trouble-shooting for cytological fixation and processing toward an optimized Papanicolaous staining. The processing of non-gynecological sample material is also described in many details.
  • Differentiating between gynecological and non-gynecological material
  • Gynecological cytology & Additional methods
  • Non-gynecological / clinical cytology
  • Dehydration / clearing
  • Mounting reagents
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Bacteriology Brochure
Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/Brochure/LE-Stains for Microorganism Brochure-120x267-02142014.jpgThe bacteriological diagnostics is an important part of clinical diagnostics. In the brochure “Stains for Microorganisms” you will find detailed information about the fixation, staining and mounting of bacteriological specimens, such as smears and histological paraffin sections. The Trouble-shooting tips and background information will provide a good basis for your general understanding of the processing of bacteriological specimen.
  • product descriptions and protocols for reliable results
  • protocols and description of fixatives, staining solutions, mounting agents and immersion oils for all steps of bacteriological diagnostics
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Hematology Brochure
Hematology BrochureThe „Hematology stains of blood and bone marrow“ brochure provides detailed technical information about differential blood and bone marrow smears, blood cell counting and Leukemia diagnostics. You will find detailed protocols as well as information about sample fixation and storage and documentation. The trouble-shooting tips will help you in your general understanding of blood and bone marrow differentiation.
  • Standard stains and fast alternatives with complete protocol
  • Cytochemical staining for Leukemia diagnostics
  • Immersion and mounting for storage and documentation
  • Solutions for blood cell counting

Histology Brochure
Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/Brochure/LE-Histology broschure-120x161-02142014.jpgThe “Fast and reliable. All you need for histology” brochure contains detailed technical information about all products needed for histological applications in clinical diagnostics. You will find background information about Fixatives, Solvents, xylene substitutes and staining solutions and kits. These are completed by staining protocols and trouble-shooting – the perfect tool to broaden your histological knowledge.
  • Fixatives – the first step
  • Solutions for fast, reliable decalcification
  • Histoprocessing Reagents & Solvents – the workhorses behind your successful results
  • Stains & Dyes – bring hidden structures into plain view

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