Readybag® Media Pouches for Pathogen Testing


Take-and-Use Flexibility to Save You Bags of Time

Preweighed and Gamma-Irradiated Readybag® Dehydrated Culture Media Pouches

When your number of pathogen samples increases or staff is unavailable, your meticulously planned microbiological testing workflows can be disrupted. MilliporeSigma’s new preweighed and gamma-irradiated Readybag® granulated culture media pouches speed up and simplify your workflow.

Just add Readybag® content to food sample in stomacher bag, then add sterile lab water. Ready to incubate! By using our new preweighed and gamma-irradiated Readybag® culture media pouches, there’s

  • no weighing
  • no autoclaving
  • no supplement handling
  • no need for extra lab space or equipment

MilliporeSigma’s expanding Readybag® pouches series is available for different sample sizes and includes:

  • Salmonella (Buffered Peptone Water) for 25 g and 375 g food samples
  • Listeria (Half Fraser Broth) for 25 g and 125 g food samples

Readybag® Gives You Peace of Mind

The Readybag® culture media pouches are preweighed and gamma-irradiated, allowing you to delete all media preparation steps from your workflow. You can increase your testing efficiency drastically: Reduce the added-up total time needed for one Listeria and one Salmonella sample preparation from 42 minutes (traditional workflow) to only 16 minutes! For Readybag® Half Fraser Broth there is not any need to prepare and sterile-filter the supplements. It includes them all, saving you even more time and costs.

Saving bags of time with Readybag 

See how you can save time and reduce waste with our Readybag® pouches. Download our application notes where we evaluated the sterility, selectivity, and stability of prepared Readybag® half-Fraser broth for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes, and Readybag® Buffered Peptone Water for the detection of Salmonella.

Download the stability evaluation

No Need to Autoclave Thanks to Irradiated Readybag® Culture Media

Readybag® dehydrated culture media are gamma-irradiated, so all you have to do is add sterile water before you incubate. MilliporeSigma applies an irradiation dosage that does not impede the growth of the microorganisms to be enriched. Tests prove that irradiated Readybag® culture media provide you with a performance similar to that of non-irradiated, autoclaved culture media.

A Workflow for Greater Lab Productivity in Food Pathogen Testing

Fast, convenient and easy: Readybag® speeds up and takes the complexity out of your workflow, reducing the likelihood of human errors to a minimum. Only a few simple steps are needed for testing:

  • Weigh your food sample in a stomacher bag
  • Open Readybag® and add preweighed contents
  • Add sterile water, easily dispensed from a water purification system like MilliporeSigma's Elix Advantage
  • Pre-dissolve gently and place into stomacher to homogenize sample in the enrichment broth
  • Ready to incubate!

Watch our short Readybag® video to see the workflow or download in PDF format.

Decrease Your Overall Lab Operating Expenses

A study conducted with Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd., Green Bay, WI, USA, shows that using Readybag® granulated media pouches requires less overall labor than both the high efficiency and traditional methods. In addition to less in-house quality controls it also has the advantages of lower capital equipment costs to create sterile media. This is true for both small and large food sample sizes.

Download the White Paper to see how much you can save with Readybag® media pouches.

Take-and-Use Flexibility

While most labs prepare and autoclave their culture media for food pathogen testing and store them until use, Readybag® granulated culture media is always there when you need it, ready in an instant. So when your sample load increases due to unforeseen circumstances, no time is lost preparing new media. Simply take Readybag® preweighed culture media and use! With a shelf life of three years, they can also be stored longer than self-prepared media.

Our Outstanding Granulated Culture Media Formula for Full Compliance

Like all dehydrated culture media from MilliporeSigma, the Readybag® enrichment media come in a unique, easy soluble granulated format that ensures maximum convenience and safety. Granulation significantly reduces inhalation of hazardous and other media components and thus possible allergic responses. In addition, it minimizes contamination of the work environment. Our highest manufacturing and QA standards guarantee full ISO 11133 compliance.

Readybag® Data Sheet 

Readybag® Workflow

Readybag® Application Note

Rapid Detection of Listeria and Salmonella

Readybag® White Paper

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