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Testing Solutions for the Beverages & Water Industry


Microbial Testing Solutions for the Beverages & Water Industry

Ensuring quick and reliable results when testing beverages or municipal water for quality and safety is a crucial factor. Our comprehensive approach is based on state-of-the-art microbial testing solutions, regulatory expertise and services.


Bioburden Traditional & Rapid Testing

Make Your Microbiology Workflow EZ

The EZ Product Family includes the EZ-Fit™ Manifold, the EZ-Pak Dispenser Curve, the EZ-Stream™ Pump and the EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System. In combination, these products provide optimal performance and streamline your bioburden analysis workflow.

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Culture Media

Culture Media

Dehydrated or Ready-to-Use Culture Media

Our dehydrated culture media are much easier to use than traditional media. We also propose agar-based media in ready-to-use cassettes manufactured and QC tested according to pharmaceutical requirements.

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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring 

A Single Source to Meet all Your Environmental Monitoring Needs

Our complete portfolio for environmental monitoring covers particle counting, active and passive air monitoring as well as surface & personnel monitoring solutions.

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Media Fill

Media that Fills You with Confidence

Granulated Linden Grain Medium for media fill simulations of beverage bottling makes life easier, is safe and ensures results you can trust.

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Spoilage Testing

Spoilage Detection

One Source for Beverages Spoilage – Bacteria and Yeasts Testing

Discover our product solution bundles for the detection and screening of beverage spoilage – bacteria and yeasts. 

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Culture Media & Tests for Safe Beverages


Culture Media & Tests for Safe Beverages

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Testing for E. coli and coliforms in drinking water

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Testing for E. coli
and coliforms
in drinking water

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