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Simplifying Disinfection Control

Disinfection control is a very big deal in many industries – particularly the food and beverage industry.

Disinfectant chemicals, such as chlorine, are needed to ensure that product contact surfaces are free from harmful microorganisms in the manufacturing process. Yet disinfectant residues can leave a bad taste in the end product, so testing for them is critical.

We’ve just made this process a whole lot simpler with our new Spectroquant® Move Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH, a truly waterproof mobile colorimeter for disinfection control.

Available for purchase since January, this new device is specifically designed to simplify disinfection control in field tests and process monitoring. Preprogrammed for use with our high-quality Spectroquant® test kits, it combines five key parameters of water analysis in one small, lightweight device.

It’s also the first mobile colorimeter for disinfection control in its class that is hermetically sealed and waterproof, so customers benefit from rapid, reliable results – regardless of location, environmental conditions or accidental submersion.

This extraordinary level of robustness is particularly valuable for customers in the food and beverage and other industries in which frequent measurements, high throughput and stringent regulations demand an instrument that performs reliably and withstands accidents. Spectroquant® Move Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH delivers on all these requirements.

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