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Steritest™ system. Celebrating 40 years of excellence!

Steritest™ system
Celebrating 40 years of excellence!

Interview with Olivier Mazille, Product Manager for Steritest™

The Steritest™ system celebrates its 40th anniversary.

You are considered to be a pioneer in sterility testing. How did things get started?

Olivier Mazille, Product Manager for Steritest™
Yes that's true. MilliporeSigma's R&D and marketing teams were looking for a way to optimize the reliability of sterility testing and brought Steritest to market in 1974 as the first closed sterility testing device. Since then we have been leaders in the field of sterility testing and have been helping to drive this area of innovation for customers.

What has made you so successful for the past 40 years?

OM: Steritest™ reduces the risk of false positive and negative results, increasing reliability and improving workflow for lab technicians around the world. This is only possible by ensuring we are constantly aware of the evolving needs and experiences of our customers. One of our customers, Dr. Timo Krebsbach, Division Manager Marketing & Sales, Labor L+S AG, Germany, summarizes in this way: "Steritest™ EZ devices are designed and made by experts with a full understanding of the users' requirements – from practitioners for practitioners!"

What are the highlights of your jubilee year?

We made a €14,000 donation to Seeding Labs - a non-profit which provides researchers and scientists in developing countries with the resources they need. By making this donation we acknowledge the global need for advancement in improved sterility testing.

And just recently we have launched the new Steritest™ Symbio Pump which makes sterility testing more convenient than ever before, maximizing safety and streamlining workflows.

We will continue to advance innovation in sterility testing. 40 years is just the beginning!

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