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Millitrack® e-Solutions
Store all your water purification data

In just one click, easily find what you need, whenever you need it and wherever you are.

Laboratory managers need an e-solution that will faciliate daily work in the lab and optimize department production. Millitrack® e-Solutions are a powerful, personalized answer from MilliporeSigma for laboratory and facility managers who need to ensure optimal daily performance with continuous quality improvement for their water purification equipment.

This unique set of data management and monitoring software solutions allows easy remote monitoring and diagnostics, in order to minimize system downtime and also increase productivity.

The data provided by Millitrack® e-Solutions can be viewed and archived on computer devices connected directly to the water purification system or via an Ethernet cable through a local network. Data can also be archived in a lab data management system.

Millitrack® e-Solutions - Store all your water purification data
Key Benefits
  • End user and Manager can access the data through their respective passwords.
  • Real-time Dashboard allows the lab user to instantaneously visualize the
    • System operation status
    • Purification steps
    • Monitor instant quality parameters such as Resistivity, Temperature, TOC, Pressure, etc.
    • Consumables status
    • Reverse osmosis water recovery
    • Water level in the tank filling and UV lamp status
  • Remote access anytime on any computer through a one-click web browser.
  • XML data format available for print or download to any spreadsheet or database.
  • Detailed information available on Instant Quality and Advanced Parameters, history, System Configuration, Identification, Setups etc.

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