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Go Global. An International Employee Story

Go Global
An International Employee Story

Opportunities across the globe- and across the business

Opportunities across the globe- and across the business
For Damien Tuleu, a career at MilliporeSigma has provided him with all sorts of unexpected opportunities. Now head of MilliporeSigma’s BioMonitoring business field, Damien has worked throughout the company and across the world since joining the organization in 1996. The great thing about working here, says Damien is that you’re never stuck in one place. I’ve worked, lived, and traveled around the globe- and the job itself has evolved, too.

Damien grew up between France and Italy, and studied in the Netherlands as well. With degrees in biochemistry and water treatment, he began his career as an application sales specialist before evolving into roles within MilliporeSigma’s Sales, Marketing, and later, R&D organizations. Between positions based in Paris, France; Bedford, Massachusetts; and Molsheim; France which is close to German boarders, Damien infiltrates global markets to learn the distinct needs of customers and employees in varying regions, recognizing that each area offers a unique experience filled with its own challenges and lessons learned. Damien added, People tend to know their native markets- having a global team like the one at MilliporeSigma helps keep everyone open minded.

Damien’s work in the past few years has allowed him to familiarize himself with relevant customers in his market scope, including the regions of Germany and Asia, experiences which consistently bring value for MilliporeSigma, and for him, personally. The thing about Tokyo is that it is an amazingly large city, yet also feels so quiet and calm. Traveling there is a quite an experience for me- and I always leave with a changed perspective on how we can better-serve those customers.

When asked why Damien has stayed with MilliporeSigma for the past 18 years, his answer was simple; We help people. He went on to say that his son has type 1 diabetes, and the insulin his son injects daily is tested and made safe using MilliporeSigma products. It feels good to know that the products we develop help people like my son be treated safely. We do a good thing here.

If you want to help make great things happen like Damien, visit our careers page for worldwide opportunities with MilliporeSigma.