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Protective Sleeve


MilliporeSigma introduces a newly-designed protective sleeve on chosen EMD ReCycler™ sizes. All 18.9L, 50L, 200L, and 205L containers will be fitted with this unique new design.

This new protective sleeve offers the opportunity for our logistic partners to place important inbound and return shipment labels directly on the containers. This will help ensure both on-time delivery to our customers and expedited return of our EMD ReCycler™ containers without the need to permanently affix transportation labels to any container.

The design of this new sleeve allows MilliporeSigma the opportunity to showcase our new branded "M" icon that will further identify us as a trusted partner to your bulk chemical needs.

Please do not remove the protective sleeve while the containers are in use at your facility. We will assume that responsibility upon return and replace each container with a new sleeve before shipping any product back to you.

Thank you for continued business and commitment to MilliporeSigma!

Your benefits:

  • Newly-designed protective sleeve to fit all container sizes
  • Easily affix transportation labels
  • Faster deliveries and returns
  • Easily identified by MilliporeSigma newly branded "M" logo

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