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EMD ReCycler™

Better for the Environment

EMD ReCycler

Wish you could get solvent delivered to your lab in bigger volume?

Don't want to deal with packaging disposal?
We've got a simple solution – the EMD ReCycler™ program.

  • Solvent supplied in returnable container
  • Container sizes from 18.9 L to 1,250 L
  • Wide variety of solvents and solvent blends available
  • Designed to fit your needs – customized solvent blends, flexible delivery schedule.

Increase your efficiency while decreasing your impact on the environment by using solvents supplied in returnable, reusable containers. The EMD ReCycler™ program keeps you conveniently supplied with solvents so you'll never run out again. Set up a regular delivery schedule or call when you're running low. When your solvent container is empty, just return it and we'll refill it. The program is flexible. You can make changes whenever you need to.

Most Solvents, Solvent Blends and Grades that come in bottles are also available in EMD ReCycler™ Bulk Solvent Delivery Systems.

We stock many solvents, oligonucleotide reagents and mobile phase blends, but if you need something special, it's no problem. We can deliver it.

Download the ReCycler™ brochure for a complete listing of products, including:

  • OmniSolv® High Purity Solvents
  • DriSolv® Anhydrous Solvents
  • HPLC Solvents
  • LC-MS Solvents
  • Oligonucleotide Solvents & Blends
  • Mobile Phase Blends

Are you ready to Recycle?

Join hundreds of your colleagues taking advantage of the EMD ReCycler™ program – it's easy.

  1. Estimate your solvent usage:
    Download a worksheet from our website to help you gather data on your solvent usage.

  2. Contact us:
    Call or email your dedicated ReCycler™ representative:
    513-587-5187 |

    We'll answer your questions and customize your delivery schedule so you'll always have solvent available when you need it. If you ever need to change your delivery schedule, no problem, just let us know.

  3. Return ReCycler containers for refill:
    We'll keep you supplied with solvent so you never run out. When your ReCycler™ container is empty, just return it to us to be refilled.

Bulk solvents always available when you need them. Join the EMD ReCycler™ program and increase your efficiency while decreasing waste. Benefits both your budget and the environment. We're happy to help you get started, just give us a call at 513-587-5187.