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DRYPOUR™ packaging system

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Avoid caking to keep your work flowing

The DRYPOUR™ packaging system for high-quality hygroscopic salts

DRYPOUR packaging systemWhen it comes to products and workflow, you accept nothing but the highest quality in your production – so the same should apply to packaging. Our DRYPOUR™ packaging system is an outstanding new solution for our high-quality hygroscopic salts.

The benefits of DRYPOUR™:

  • minimizes caking of hygroscopic salts
  • improves operational efficiency by reducing material preparation time and increasing operator safety
  • offers triple protection: against moisture inside and outside, and against contamination
  • meets Ph Eur and USP requirements

How does the DRYPOUR™ packaging system improve your operational efficiency?
This state-of-the-art design packaging system minimizes caking, thus significantly reducing the time needed for material preparation. It consists of a PE drum with our new tamper-evident seal, a polyethylene liner with integrated desiccant bags and a breathable interior Tyvek® liner. This triple protection delivers two invaluable results: dramatically reduced caking, and no contamination risk from the desiccant. As the desiccant bags are firmly integrated into the polyethylene liner, they do not come into contact with the product during use or transport. So with DRYPOUR™ packaging, you can now start working straight away.

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