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Optimization and Scale-Up of Tangential
Flow Filtration Applications

Two-Day Course

Course Description

This two-day course examines the in-depth theory of tangential flow filtration (TFF) as well as the latest techniques to develop an efficient and effective TFF process. During a practical laboratory session, you will determine optimal operating conditions using a model feed stream in a laboratory system to perform concentration and cleaning steps. Then, through a real-life case study, you will scale-up and size a TFF process with specific product purity objectives.

Course ID: TRTFF03
Course Content
  • Rapid development of a high performance TFF process
  • Understanding process scale-up options
  • Assurance of optimum TFF process parameters
  • Process issues
  • Meeting your product purity and quality targets
Learning Goals
  • Identify and define TFF operating parameters
  • Develop methodology for selection of critical TFF parameters
  • Develop methodology for operation of TFF processes including concentration and diafiltration
  • Operate a screening and optimization protocol
  • Apply the scale-up methodology for TFF processes.
Who should attend?
  • This course is designed for Research & Development scientists and engineers who are responsible for developing and implementing production-scale TFF processes. Participants must have completed the “Introduction to tangential flow filtration principles and operation” course or have equivalent experience.
What will you receive?
  • A copy of the course materials.
  • Protocol and results of laboratory sessions
  • The solution from the workshop, showing the design of a production-scale TFF process
  • A certificate of attendance
Course Schedule and Program
Day 1: 08.30 – 18.15
  • Welcome and course introduction
  • Tangential flow filtration refresher
  • Selection of critical TFF parameters
  • Practical session – flux excursion
  • Workshop – optimum TMP determination
  • Operation of TFF processes - concentration
  • Practical session - product concentration
Day 2: 08.30 – 17.00
  • Operation of TFF processes - diafiltration
  • Workshop - product concentration data analysis
  • Practical session - diafiltration optimization
  • Workshop – optimum diafiltration determination
  • Establish scale-up methodology for TFF processes
  • Workshop – scale-up case study
  • Final assessment and course wrap-up
Enrollment Limited to 10 Participants
Due to the hands-on nature of this course, enrollment is limited to 10. We recommend early booking to ensure a place.
Please contact your local representative or email for a quote.