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Quality Certificates in Spectroquant® Test Kits

Your Document for Consistently High Product Quality

Each Spectroquant® test kit comes with our quality certificate. It offers the user a quick overview of all relevant quality data and can be downloaded on each product page.

Examples for included information:
  • Measuring range
  • Sensitivity
  • Lower limit of detection
  • Method detection limit
  • Confidence interval with 95 percent probability
  • Standard deviation of the method
  • Variation coefficient of the method
  • Number of production batches used to create the certificate of quality
  • Accuracy of the test

To develop each of the above listed statistics, data is averaged from several batches. This offers the user clear information about the manufacturing accuracy achieved by MilliporeSigma and indicates long-term quality our customers can rely on. The quality data also provides a comparison that the auditor can use to judge the accuracy of the results obtained in the customer´s laboratory when using a Spectroquant® test kit.

In addition to the characteristics such as confidence level, standard deviation and variation coefficient, which are created according to ISO 8466-1, the lower limit of detection and the method detection limit values are of particular importance. The lower limit of detection is equal to the concentration of the blank; the method detection limit is the lowest measurement value that is statistically different from the blank value and represents the lowest measurable value.

Pre-Programmed Blank Value

Because of the good reproducibility of this data, the blank value for each method is programed directly into MilliporeSigma´s Spectroquant® NOVA and Pharo photometers. This means the user can rely on the pre-programed value and does not have to waste time preparing a blank and calibrating the instrument manually. For the calibration of test kit methods, MilliporeSigma always complies with international and German standards.

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