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ICUMSA in Sugar

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Ancient, Sweet Crystals

Sugar has been part of the human diet since ancient times. Traditional table sugar, or sucrose, is a disaccharide carbohydrate extracted from sugarcane or sugar beet using physical processes. The majority of the world’s sugar is produced in Asia and South America. Whether through direct consumption or via processed foods, almost everyone, everywhere consumes sugar on a daily basis.

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Color and Quality Control

The quality of sugar is based on several criteria such as color, sucrose content, moisture, grain, and filterability. Of these, color is the most important feature of sugar, as it is directly related to purity. Compared to brown sugar, white sugar has undergone more refining and contains less contaminants and chemicals, thus it is more pure.

The ICUMSA Color Test

The International Commission for Uniform Methods for Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) is a regulatory organization which sets the global standard for quality control in sugar. The ICUMSA test evaluates the purity of sugar based on its color.

A colorimeter or photometer is used to measure the absorbance of sugar at different wavelengths. White sugar absorbs less light and results in lower ICUMSA values, whereas brown sugar absorbs more light and delivers higher values. Typically, an ICUMSA rating of 45 indicates a highly refined white sugar of high purity, whereas brown sugar would have a rating of around 1000.

Producers’ Challenges: Quality and Competition
  • The ICUMSA test allows sugar producers to assess the quality and safety of their products, and market them for a suitable price. 
  • As competition is tight in the industry, sugar producers require fast, easy and accurate testing solutions for quality control.
No Calibrations or Calculations Needed
  • The photometer is pre-calibrated and calculates the ICUMSA rating automatically after measuring the absorption. 
  • Interested in fast, easy and error-free results? Request your copy of the application by contacting MilliporeSigma.

Application Content

  1. GS2/3-10 (2007) The Determination of White Sugar Solution Color – Official
  2. GS1/3-7 (2002) Determination of the Solution Color of Raw Sugars, Brown Sugars and Colored Syrups at pH 7.0 – Official
  1. GS2/3-9 (2005) Determination of Sugar Solution Color at pH 7.0 – Accepted
  2. GS9/1/2/3-8 (2005) Determination of Sugar Solution Color at pH 7.0 by the MOPS Buffer Method – Official

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