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Purospher® Family

High-Purity HPLC Columns for Outstanding Separations

Purospher® Family Purospher® HPLC columns are based on high-purity, metal-free silica to ensure exceptional separation efficiency. The versatile range of Purospher® HPLC and UHPLC columns is suitable for separations of acidic, basic, and chelating compounds. The base silica for Purospher® high-purity HPLC columns is made from tetraalkoxysilane in a sol-gel process. Due to the absence of metals in the silica matrix, combined with an optimized surface coating and shielding process, Purospher® columns provide outstanding, tailing-free separations with excellent peak symmetry. This is a particular advantage for method development in Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Control (QC) laboratories.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced performance and excellent peak symmetry due to high-purity silica gel
  • Outstanding batch-to-batch reproducibility for reliable analyses
  • Balanced chromatographic properties (Tanaka hexagon)
  • Excellent separation efficiency for reliable results
  • Extended column lifetime for greater laboratory efficiency


The different selectivities of Purospher® materials are clearly described by the Engelhardt as well as the Tanaka tests.

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