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Spectroquant ProveBy updating your MilliporeSigma photometers, you can use the same instrument to conduct the new tests without having to program it yourself. This gives you the assurance that your results will be correct, as it’s our responsibility to calibrate the tests for the instrument. Benefit from always having an up-to-date instrument!

Download the software update easily at the click of a mouse. The use of this update is completely free of charge.

Please choose between the .exe file or the compressed .zip file. You must decompress the .zip file after you download it. Double-click the .exe file and it will unzip itself. To update the software please check the manual of the respective instrument.

Update for Spectroquant® Prove 100, 300 and 600

Prove Software: Version 1.4.5
Download ZIP file

The update includes:

  • Over 20 new color methods
  • New updates of upcoming test kits
  • Updates on existing methods
  • Some minor bug fixes
Update for Spectroquant® Move 100

Update for SQ Move 100
Download ZIP file

The following articles and program are required for updating the Colorimeter:

  • Update cable, (MilliporeSigma Ord. No. 1.73634.0001)
  • Adapter RS232 to USB
Updates for Spectroquant® Spectrophotometers Pharo 100
and Pharo 300

Pharo Software Version 2.53_244 
Download ZIP file

Requirement for the update:

  • PC with Microsoft Windows: NT, 2000, XP, Vista or higher
  • A free USB port on the PC
  • Empty (no data on stick!) USB stick
Updates for Spectroquant® Photometers NOVA 30
and NOVA 60

NOVA Software Version: 36.29
Download ZIP file

NOVA Software Update from Serial number 14230751 on, please use the following software update version 4.02
Download ZIP file

The following articles and programs are required for updating the photometers via the incorporated RS 232 interface:

  • PC (Windows 95 or later)
  • NOVA 30 and NOVA 60 photometer
  • PC cable, (MilliporeSigma Ord. No. 1.14667.0001)
Update for Spectroquant® Multy Colorimeter

Software Version: V012.
Download EXE file
Download ZIP file

Requirements for running the update:

  • a PC running a Windows operating system
  • the data-transfer cable supplied with the unit
  • the supplied screwdriver
  • the program Hexload.exe (see CD in the operating manual)
  • the software update (= *.exe or *.zip file, which can be downloaded here)

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