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Standard Ready-to-Ship Mobius® Essential Single-Use Bioprocess Assembly

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Mobius® Essential Assemblies are standard, off-the-shelf, simple bioprocess bag and tubing assemblies that are ideally suited for all your non-critical applications. These plug-and-play assemblies are made of our proven PureFlex™ film and are available in both 2D bags (1 L - 50 L), and 3D bioprocess bags (100 L – 200 L), as well as bioprocess tubing assemblies.

These standard assemblies are easily integrated into your current processes providing you with a straight path for scale up to our Mobius® MyWay assemblies with PureFlex™ film.

  • Eliminate design and manufacturing lead time
  • 1 L - 200 L sizes that can easily scale up to premium assemblies
  • Ready-to-download Emprove® Dossier with comprehensive product and regulatory information

Simply select your non-critical bioprocess bag and tubing assemblies, click to cart today.

Scalable Single-Use Assemblies to Meet Your Bioprocess Needs

Mobius® Essential 2D and 3D Bag Assemblies

Mobius® Essential assemblies can be easily integrated into your workflow with 2D and 3D bioprocess bag assembly sizes ranging from 1 L - 200 L and three bioprocess tubing designs.

New Mobius® 2000 L
1L bag with PureFlex™ film
5L - 50L bag with PureFlex™ film
100L - 200L bag with PureFlex™ film

Mobius® Essential Tubing Assemblies

Tubing with End Ported Connector, Manifold
Tubing with AseptiQuik® G Connector, Manifold
Tubing with MPC Connector

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