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Bio4C Orchestrator™ Software
Monitor & Visualize Your Bioprocesses from Anywhere

Scientists, engineers, and operators spend a significant amount of time in front of solitary skids logging in, loading recipes, creating reports, and managing alarms. Critical information is confined to each unit operation’s HMI at the manufacturing site.

It’s difficult and time-consuming to monitor and visualize your bioprocesses.

Additionally, data is siloed among these separate unit operations and collecting it, combining it, and making it available across your organization for data analysis is equally resource-intensive and inefficient.

Bio4C Orchestrator™ connects to individual unit operations from a centralized “orchestration layer” for complete visibility, monitoring, and oversight of regulatory-compliant biomanufacturing systems and processes. The software also automatically acquires bioprocessing data from each skid, aggregates it and makes it data-analysis ready. Bio4C Orchestrator™’s consolidated control optimizes processes improving quality and compliance while reducing human errors and operating costs.

A browser-based software solution, Bio4C Orchestrator™ provides easy, remote access to systems, recipes, reports, user accounts, and alarms from a holistic process dashboard.

Now you don’t need to be on the plant floor to check on your production run.

Old Process

New Process

Bio4C Orchestrator™ is designed to facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 and EudraLex Volume 4 Annex 11 compliance with such features as unique usernames and passwords, timestamped audit trails, and secure storage of all records and is developed according to GAMP 5 guidelines.

Process Dashboard

Reduce manual tasks, human errors, and operating costs by digitalizing your bioprocess.

The centralized Process Dashboard provides visualization and monitoring of all connected equipment on a single screen. Easily onboard, connect, or disconnect remote equipment from this interface. View real-time equipment status (e.g. Ready to go, Running a recipe), alarms, equipment details (name, application, location), and Batch IDs.

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The trends dashboard displays live and historical trends for all connected unit operations. User can view the live or historical trends for selected parameters such as temperature, pH, pressure, or concentration. Users can select parameters from single or multiple skids and save their selections as a Collection to view these saved parameters trends at any time.

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Alarm Management

Centralized alarm management presents a single-window view of all alarms from multiple skids and ensures no alarm notification is missed. The alarm management dashboard has search, sort, and filter options. Alarms are color coded into subcategories such as Critical and Warning.

The screen displays information about alarm acknowledgement status including date, time, and user who acknowledged the alarm on the connected skid.

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Recipe Management

Recipe management allows recipe deployment to multiple remote skids and offers a single repository for all connected devices. Using the CCP® Offline Recipe Editor, a user can create and edit a recipe and then import it into Bio4C Orchestrator™. Recipes can be exported from Bio4C Orchestrator™ to the user's laptop for editing.

User Management

Central user management helps save time, reduce complexity, and simplify management across multiple remote skids for multiple users. Without visiting the manufacturing plant, an administrator can securely add new users, edit existing users, assign or remove users from unit operations, and allocate roles for users.

Report Management

Centralized report management simplifies data gathering and provides batch level data. Create Run History reports or consolidate reports across multiple unit operations in just a few clicks.

Available reports:

Run History – applies to a single device and lists every run for a specific date or date range
Consolidated – creates a report for all connected devices for single or multiple batches
Audit Trail – tracks all manual actions that took place during a run
Custom – creates a report that includes user selected sections

Bio4C Orchestrator™ Demonstration Video

Backup & Restore

Centralized data storage with scheduled back-ups and easy data restoration ensures prevention of data loss during batch runs and minimizes risk. Data restoration can be performed manually.

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