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Liquid Dose Formulation

Granulated Products

We offer an extensive range of high-quality excipients that can be used for liquid dose formulations including parenteral, oral, ophthalmic and nasal applications.

Granulated products – for improved process efficiency

Granulated raw materials are free-flowing and easy to handle. Their greatly reduced caking behavior facilitates processability, speeds up manufacturing processes and increases operator safety.

Discover our new innovative granulated raw materials Glycine Granulated EMPROVE® EXPERT, Urea Granulated EMPROVE® EXPERT and Potassium Chloride Granulated Emprove® Expert:

Stabilizers – for biomolecule formulation

Specifically developed for high-risk applications, our sugars, polyols, and amino acids are low in bioburden. They are supported by our Emprove® Program, helping you minimize regulatory and quality-associated risks in your biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Select the right product from our range of high-quality stabilizers, including recently launched Sucrose and Trehalose, to successfully formulate your biomolecules.

Excipients for ophthalmics

Our large product portfolio covers all excipient groups required for ophthalmic formulation including viscosity enhancers, surfactants, buffers and pH regulation agents, as well as solvents and preservatives.