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Solid Dose Formulation

Parteck® M
Parteck® Delta M
Parteck® Coat
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Parteck® ODT
Parteck® SRP 80
Parteck® MXP
Parteck® SLC

Your active pharmaceutical ingredient is only as good as its formulation, which ensures the proper API stability, release profile and bioavailability needed for the desired therapeutic effectiveness. To achieve this, you need to source and incorporate the right excipients to address your specific challenges.

We'll help you get it right. We offer the broadest portfolio of excipients – from standard to specialized for complex formulation challenges – all supported by a global network of application experts and consultative services.

Flexible Tableting

We offer a comprehensive range of functional excipients for different tableting technologies, allowing you to achieve high tablet hardness at low compression forces, short disintegration times and tailored API dosages.

Parteck® M – for direct compression tableting

Parteck® M excipient, a directly compressible mannitol with unique particle properties, achieves excellent compressibility and enables extremely robust tablets with a rapid disintegration and quick release regardless of the dosage.

Parteck® Delta M – for success with wet granulation

Parteck® Delta M is the only commercially available mannitol excipient in delta-polymorph crystals – combining the inertness of mannitol and excellent binding properties. Its unique particle features enable formulators to easily develop challenging formulations by wet granulation.

Parteck® COAT – for immediate release film coating applications

Parteck® COAT is a particle-engineered polyvinyl alcohol designed for immediate release film coating applications. Due to its optimized particle size, it helps to reduce dissolving times when preparing the coating solution, thus increasing process efficiency. It can be combined with a variety of supporting excipients, such as plasticizers, anti-tacking agents and pigments – all available in our portfolio – to provide full flexibility in designing the exact coating you need.

Optimized Drug Delivery

Whether it is sustained release or oral disintegration, oral solid dose or dry inhaled powders. Our wide excipients portfolio offers just the right products you need to ensure the desired release kinetics and provide a solution regardless of the targeted administration route.

Parteck® SRP 80 – for sustained drug delivery

Parteck® SRP 80, based on polyvinyl alcohol, provides consistent, sustained drug delivery over long release periods. It helps to increase the efficacy of your compound, while reducing side effects and the risk of dose dumping.

Parteck® M DPI – for dry, inhaled powders

Engineered from mannitol, Parteck® M DPI particles are designed to improve the flow and release characteristics of APIs in drugs delivered via dry, inhaled powders. Studies have shown that use of Parteck® M DPI enhances API deposition in the lungs.

Parteck® ODT – for rapid disintegration and dissolution

Parteck® ODT excipient is directly compressible and contains two ingredients: spray-granulated D-mannitol and croscarmellose sodium. The excipient facilitates the production of robust, pleasant-tasting tablets that rapidly disintegrate and dissolve across a broad range of hardness levels and compression forces.

Enhanced Solubility

With a growing percentage of pipeline APIs showing low aqueous solubility, approaches to improve solubility via formulation are becoming increasingly more important. Drugs with low aqueous solubility are predisposed to low and variable oral bioavailability which can lead to variability in clinical response or an insufficient therapeutic effect. We offer a range of innovative excipients that can boost the efficacy of your final drug product by enhancing API solubility.

Parteck® MXP – for use in hot melt extrusion

Parteck® SLC – for loading the API on an inorganic drug carrier

Sucralose – for effective taste-masking

Sucralose, a highly intense sweetener, is readily soluble, easy to use and non-cariogenic. It masks both bitterness and medicinal off-notes and is suitable for diabetics and people with impaired glucose tolerance.

Sucralose is available in micronized or granular form and suitable for solid and liquid formulation alike.

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