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Viral Vector Characterization & Biosafety Testing

Our BioReliance® testing services provide the optimal balance between speed and customization and give you the confidence to get therapies to market quickly and safely.

Benefit from our innovative portfolio of biosafety and characterization testing packages for clinical and commercial products, including:

  • Comprehensive cell bank manufacturing, testing, and storage services
  • Viral bank manufacturing, testing, and storage services
  • A portfolio of therapy-specific platform assays and routine testing services
  • Custom assay development services, when needed, to support your unique testing needs
  • Consultative CMC regulatory compliance guidance offered by industry experts

Viral Vector Characterization

We offer the widest range of GMP assays to fully characterize and analyze the critical quality attributes of your viral vector: identity, potency, safety, and stability.

Clients draw on our extensive experience working with key vectors:

  • Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)
  • Retrovirus/Lentivirus
  • Adenovirus
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