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10th World ADC Conference London
London Novotel West

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London Novotel West
1 Shortlands, Hammersmith,
London, W6 8DR, United Kingdom
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World ADC London

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10th World ADC Conference London

Join us at the Industry‘s Leading Summit for Antibody-drug Conjugate Development

March 2-5, 2020 in London, United Kingdom


Visit us at Booth #1

Stop by our booth to speak with our experts about latest advances in single-use processing or to solve the challenges of your ADC program from gene sequence to testing of drug product.

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18.00, Tuesday, 3rd March
Bioconjugation Process Scale-up: Reactor Mixing

The presentation will focus on scale up considerations for bioconjugation reactors and include evaluation of reactor mixing criteria.  A case study will be presented outlining scale up from small scale model to commercial reactor, engineering mixing simulation and small scale model experiments are used to determine reactor design. The discussion will focus on single use reactor mixing information to meet bioconjugation reactor requirements. The talk will tell the success story of collaboration with client partner for bioconjugation scale up from lab to clinical and commercial production.

Speaker: Mary Robinette, BS Chemical Engineer, PMP

Join our Poster session on the evening of Tuesday 3rd March

Understanding the Effect of Discreet PEG Linkers on ADC Structure and Binding

For an antibody-drug conjugate, the choice of the linker can have a dramatic effect on both physical structure and biological activity. The increased hydrophilicity provided by a PEG linker can influence the potency, toxicity and pharmacokinetics of the ADC.

The poster will illustrate the importance of an appropriate linker and the need for thorough product characterization in order to understand the structure-function relationships of an ADC.

Speakers: Lisa McDermott, Martin De Cecco, Omar Lamm