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mAbsizer™ Calculator

When manufacturing a monoclonal antibody, efficiency of the products used is critical. However, the process of producing a monoclonal antibody is complex. There is a lot to consider and from cell line development, to purification, then formulation until final fill, a huge number of different products are involved.

The mAbsizer™ Calculator estimates the quantity of products required to express, purify, and formulate a mAb effectively. It helps you quickly establish the end-to-end process and provides an overview for system sizing.

Using the mAbsizer™ Calculator you will be able to:

  • Establish your end-to-end process with only a few clicks
  • Easily calculate the required amount of products
  • Estimate process scale up and get an overview for system sizing
  • Compare different process options
  • Access expert advice to optimize your process and reduce manufacturing costs

Simply specify your final bioreactor volume and select some basic options — and off you go! If you would like to save your report, click “Request report” and store to your computer.

Our process development experts can help you streamline your process. Click the “contact an expert” button at the top and discuss the outputs of your scenario with a Process Development expert. The saved report from your mAbsizer™ Calculator session can be used for cost modelling of the proposed process, this feature is available through the “Request report” button.

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