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The Drug Candidate Journey: Pre-Clinical Testing

Safe & Effective

Pre-clinical testing establishes that the target compound is safe and effective – before it can be tested in humans. The in vitro, in vivo and animal testing at this stage can take several years – as many as six.

The goal here is preparing and filing an Investigational New Drug (IND) application.

To cover toxicology and safety studies, prepare for manufacturing considerations, and outline clinical trials protocols, you need capital.

It is also helpful to begin understanding the regulatory requirements – so you’re staying the course and correctly tracking data you’ll need later when filing the IND.

Pre-Clinical Considerations
  • Funding
  • PD
  • Regulatory (IND)
  • Analytics

Preliminary Process Development

Developing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that can make the full journey requires excellent science – and excellent tools.
Here is some of the high-tech gear you’ll need to ready your biopharmaceutical for its IND:

Step Product Loading L/m2 1L Scale
Part # 3L Scale
Part #
Primary Clarification Millistak+® D0HC 50 L/m2 1 x 540cm2 D0HC MD0HC054H1 2 x 540cm2 D0HC MD0HC054H1
Secondary Clarification Millistak+® X0HC 100 1 x 270cm2 X0HC MX0HC027H1 1 x 540cm2 X0HC MX0HC054H1
Sterile Filtration Millipore Express® SHC 1000L/m2 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3
Protein A Eshmuno® A 40 g/L 5mL column 1.25161.0001 10mL bulk resin 1.20089.0010
Sterile Filtration Millipore Express® SHC 1000L/m2 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3
Cation Exchange Eshmuno® CPX 60 g/L 5mL column 1.25157.0001 10mL bulk resin 1.20083.0010
Sterile Filtration Millipore Express® SHC 100L/m2 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3
Anion Exchange Eshmuno® Q 200 g/L 5mL column 1.25074.0001 10mL bulk resin 1.20079.0010
Sterile Filtration Millipore Express® SHC 1000L/m2 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3
Virus Filtration Viresolve® Pro 500L/m2 Modus 1.1 VPMD101NB1 Modus 1.1 VPMD101NB1
UF-DF Pellicon® 3 30kD Ultracel® 50g/m2/hr 88cm2 device P3C030C00 0.11m2 mini P3C030C01
Sterile Filtration Millipore Express® SHC 150L/m2 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3 XL 150 KHGEG015FF3

Process Considerations

What you should know in pre-clinical testing to smooth the journey to Phase I of clinical trials:

Cell Culture

Learn more how to manage cell line clonality during a process of cell line development for the production of recombinant proteins.
> Watch our video: Demonstration of cell line clonality during the process of cell line development.

Managing aggregates in a mAb process
How upstream unit operations including clone selection, process optimization such as nutrient optimization and oxygen availability can impact monoclonal antibody aggregation in your process.
> Watch our video: Managing Agreggates in your Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Process: Upstream.

EMPROVE® Chemicals for Process and Formulation

Buffering agents
pH-adjustment agents
Tonicity agents

Recommended Tools of the Trade

For a small-scale mAbs process that carries you to Phase I, here are some common buffers and chemicals:

Product Pack Size Catalog Number
Sodium Chloride USP, EP, BP, JP (Emprove®) 1kg, 5kg 1.37017
TRIS USP, EP, BP, JPC (Emprove®) 1kg, 5kg 1.08386
Sodium Hydroxide USP, EP, BP, JP (Emprove®) 1kg, 5kg 1.06482
Phosphate Buffer multicompendial (USP, EP etc.; Emprove®) 1kg, 5kg various
Supplements, Amino Acids (Emprove®) 1kg, 5kg various
Stabilizers, multicompendial (Sucrose, Sorbitol, Mannitol; Emprove®) 1kg, 5kg various
The Emprove® program includes over 400 products that meet the latest
regulatory requirements, with 24/7 online access to product information
and dossiers necessary to facilitate the qualification and approval process.

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