On-Demand Webinar

Change Control Process: Securing Your Supply Chain for Filters

Duration: 1 Hour
Speaker: Kenneth Muzykewicz, Director of Membrane Process and Technology, MilliporeSigma

Abstract: Changes happen. Suppliers go out of business. Plants consolidate. Drug product lifecycles exceed the lifecycles of the raw materials on which they’re reliant. We are committed to controlling, managing and communicating changes in the most stringent and highest quality manner to ensure your security of supply. In this webinar, Kenneth Muzykewicz will provide you with an overview of our change control process for critical raw materials within our filters.

Join us for this webinar as we will focus on our:

  • Validation strategy & philosophy
  • Step by step approach to validation
  • Success criteria

And learn how we:

  • Demonstrate no adverse effect on product performance
  • Define equivalence
  • Minimize the impact of change on your process
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