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Bacteriology and Parasitology

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Bacteriology and Parasitology

Today, techniques used in microbiology are not automated. Rapid methods of detection and identification are essential in: human clinical, food industrial, and environmental bacteriology.

Immunomagnetic separation based on Estapor® technology enables a fast and fully automated capture and concentration of human, agro-food and environmental samples. Antibody-coated Estapor® Magnetic Microspheres are then immediately ready to use with a variety of detection methods: direct plating; PCR; ELISA etc, without any further processing.

Antibody-coated Estapor® Magnetic Microspheres are well suited for:

  • Biomedical detection of MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus),
  • Agro-food detection of the most important pathogens (Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli O157, Enterobacter)
  • Environmental detection of Legionella Pneumophilae


Purification of bacteria or viruses from suspensions can be obtained by immunomagnetic labeling. The principle should be applicable for isolation and purification of several micro organisms.

Micro organisms are entirely covered by a coat of identical variable surface glycoproteins, which protect receptors and invariable structures from immune recognition by the host.

Bacteriology and Parasitology

“Parasitological examination is based on microscopic examination of the blood, sometimes in combination with parasite concentration systems. Unfortunately, current techniques are laborious and relatively insensitive. New, more sensitive parasite detection systems are needed.“ (REF3)