D-Tube™ Dialyzers

D-Tube SizeVolume (µl)MWCO*Cat. No
Mini 10 - 250 6 - 8
12 - 14
Maxi** 100 to 3000 3.5
Mega 10 mL 3.5
6 - 8
71739-3, 71739-4
71740-3, 71740-4
Mega 15 mL 3.5
6 - 8
71742-3, 71742-4
71743-3, 71743-4
Mega 20 mL 3.5
6 - 8
71745-3, 71745-4
71746-3, 71746-4


Following separation of biomolecules by agarose or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, electroelution offers a means to extract the sample of interest by applying an electric current to the excised gel band. The combination of D-Tube Dialyzers and the D-Tube Electroelution Accessory Kit provides a unique tool for extraction of any protein, protein-protein, or protein- DNA complexes from non-denaturing and denaturing (SDS) polyacrylamide gels, and for extraction of oligonucleotides, RNA, and DNA from both polyacrylamide and agarose gels. The D-Tube Electroelution Accessory Kit provides three D-Tube supporting trays that fit into most horizontal electrophoresis units and optimized reagents for protein and nucleic acid precipitation following electroelution.

ProductSizeCat. No.
D-Tube Electroelution Accessory Kit 1 Kit 71511-3


The D-Tube96™ Dialyzer allows convenient and simultaneous dialysis of 96 samples in a high throughput manner. The device takes advantage of the features of the D-Tube Dialyzer Mini in a 96-tube configuration. D-Tube Dialyzers are easy to handle dialyzers with dual membranes and large surface area. The membrane is ultra clean, EDTA-treated regenerated cellulose, sulfur- and heavy metal- free, and available in molecular weight cutoffs of 6-8 kDa or 12-14 kDa. The D-Tube Dialyzers Mini have a capacity of 10-250 µl and are ideal for small samples. The samples are added and removed using a standard laboratory pipet, multichannel pipet, or by robotic dispensing. D-Tube96 Dialyzers are suitable for dialysis of proteins, oligonucleotides, RNA, or DNA in a high-throughput format. Each kit contains a floating rack with 96 D-Tube Dialyzers Mini, 96 caps, and an adhesive aluminum plate sealer. If fewer than 96 tubes are required, excess tubes can be removed from the modular device and saved for use at a later time. D-Tube96 Dialyzers are ideally suited for buffer exchange of protein samples into a physiologically relevant buffer after screening for optimal refolding conditions with the iFOLD™ Protein Refolding Systems.

ProductSizeCat. No.
D-Tube96 Dialyzer, 6-8 kDa 96 D-Tubes 71712-3
D-Tube96 Dialyzer, 12-14 kDa 96 D-Tubes 71712-3

The Floating Rack is designed to hold D-Tube Dialyzers

The Floating Rack is designed to hold D-Tube Dialyzers in an exchange buffer. Each Floating Rack, Mini can hold up to nine D-Tube Dialyzer, Mini devices. Each Floating Rack, Midi can hold up to four D-Tube Dialyzer, Midi units. Each Floating Rack, Maxi can hold up to seven D-Tube Dialyzer, Maxi devices. Each Floating Rack, Mega can hold one D-Tube Dialyzer, Mega unit. Each package contains 10 Floating Racks.

ProductSizeCat. No.
Mini Floating Racks 10 71512-3
Midi Floating Racks 10 71513-3
Maxi Floating Racks 10 71514-3
Mega Floating Racks 10 71748-3