Silica type High-purity (99.999%)
Particle size Monolithic
Macropore size 2 μm
Mesopore size 13 nm (130 Å)
Pore volume 1.0 mL/g
Total porosity > 80%
Surface area 300 m2/g
Surface modification RP-18 endcapped
Selectivity equivalent to L1 (USP)
Carbon content 18%
Surface coverage 3.6 μmol/m2
Mobile phase compatibility
All standard HPLC solvents may be used with the following restrictions
Max. dichloromethane conc. 5%
Max. tetrahydrofuran conc. 50%
Max. dimethylsulphoxide MSO 5% but OK as sample solvent
pH range 2 – 7.5
Max pressure 150 bar for 10 mm columns
Max temperature 45°C