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January 25, 2012
Contact: Axelle de Foucault Mercier
Phone: +33 (0)1 30 12 71 46

EMD Millipore Introduces AFS® 10E and AFS® 15E Water Purification Systems
  • New systems provide consistent, reliable pure water quality for clinical analyzers
  • Elix® electrodeionization technology ensures low, predictable running costs
  • User-friendly systems are easy to use and require little maintenance

February 22, 2012, Billerica, MA — EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, today announced the introduction of its AFS® 10E and AFS® 15E water purification systems. The new systems are designed to provide an economical and reliable pure water solution for clinical analyzers.

The EMD Millipore AFS® 10E and AFS® 15E water purification systems integrate patented Elix® electrodeionization (EDI) technology along with several other complementary water purification techniques (e.g., pretreatment, reverse osmosis, UV lamp treatment, and final 0.22 µm filtration) in order to produce clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) with consistently pure and reliable water quality. Elix® EDI technology, which uses ion exchange resins that are permanently self-regenerated, ensures low, predictable running costs for users.

“For clinical laboratories that need a reliable and economical source of pure water, the new AFS® 10E and AFS® 15E systems are the perfect solution,” says Lab Water Product Manager, Maryse Gauthey. “Systems are designed to produce clinical laboratory reagent water that complies with the CLSI® guideline* ― efficiently and with low, predictable running costs. Integrated Elix® EDI technology requires no costly resin regeneration or replacement, which helps dramatically reduce costs and maintenance,” she emphasizes. “In addition, the systems’ full monitoring and automatic water quality archiving capabilities help provide traceability for laboratories that need to fulfill accreditation needs. Up to six months of information can be stored, and users have easy access to this data through optional activation of Millitrack® software,” she explains.

The new AFS® 10E /15E range includes models that provide pure water flow rates of 10 or 15 liters per hour and daily production capacity of up to 300 liters. The high-quality pure water produced by the systems has resistivity values typically exceeding 15 MΩ•cm at 25 °C, less than 30 ppb of TOC (Total Organic Carbon), and bacteria levels of less than 1 cfu/mL.

The AFS® E systems are robust, and intuitive controls make system operation simple. The display shows only the necessary information, and system messages are highlighted by the new backlit LCD screen that changes color to indicate message importance. Systems are low-maintenance, with a new ergonomic purification pack locking system to facilitate pack changes, as well as other automatic self-maintenance functions. AFS® 10E and AFS® 15E systems have adaptable configurations that enable users to make optimal use of laboratory space. The systems’ small footprint allows easy installation on the wall, on or under the bench, or on a cart; if necessary, production capacity can be increased by adding an Elix® system in duplex. A full range of high-quality polyethylene reservoirs (10-350 liters) is available for use with the systems.

* Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, Inc. (CLSI) guideline

Additional information on AFS® 10E / 15E systems

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