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What is MilliporeSigma doing about it?

Product Portfolio Remains Unchanged

MilliporeSigma's product portfolio will stay the same under REACH. MilliporeSigma will register its relevant products in compliance with the applicable deadlines. In order to also be able to make use of the transitional periods according to REACH, MilliporeSigma has pre-registered all relevant substances.

Seeing REACH as an Opportunity

MilliporeSigma sees the implementation of REACH as an opportunity. This is because the faithful collaboration with our customers will be augmented by an additional aspect: because REACH requires the exchange of information about the use and Risk Minimisation Measures throughout the supply chain, communication will deepen. MilliporeSigma wants to make this communication so effective that it becomes a business advantage for everyone.

If in future we learn of legal developments that will have a serious influence on the marketability or the use of a substance, MilliporeSigma will immediately notify you and promptly offer alternatives.

If you have questions about REACH, we are always available through your usual contact or through the central REACH contact (

Mutually Benefiting from Opportunities

"We have decided to document and register all the relevant products and will refrain from eliminating products from our range on account of REACH. Through REACH, a new platform will be created that MilliporeSigma will use to intensify cooperation with customers."

Dr. Bernd Reckmann
Member of the Executive Board