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Titripur® Volumetric Solutions

Ideal for Every Type of Titration

Analysis professionals know that the key to trustworthy titrations is the use of precisely adjusted, high-quality volumetric solutions. The Titripur® range of volumetric solutions from MilliporeSigma offers you outstanding purity, quality and reliability. Whether you need to analyze metals, assays, concentrations, or impurities: With MilliporeSigma's first-rate volumetric solutions, you can be sure that your titrations always meet even the highest demands.

All volumetric solutions from MilliporeSigma are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard reference materials. For each solution, titer determination is performed under optimum and standardized conditions. For pharmaceutical analysis, we also provide volumetric solutions as described in the European and the US Pharmacopeia. Moreover, MilliporeSigma delivers full support from comprehensive customer service to tailored training workshops.

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Feature and Benefits

  • Certified and consistently high level of quality
  • Innovative and optimum packaging systems
  • Reliable and precise analyses

Quality Assurance

Consistently High Quality – and the Certification to Prove It

MilliporeSigma subjects each single volumetric solution to stringent manufacturing and testing requirements to make sure that Titripur® solutions offer you extremely high quality and unrivaled purity. Every raw material used in our Titripur® volumetric solutions fully complies with highly sophisticated quality assurance requirements. Thus, you can safely rely on Titripur® to deliver reliable results time after time. The consistently high quality of Titripur® solutions is documented in the Certificate of Analysis which contains all the information important for your quality management documentation. Furthermore, the CoA includes information on traceability and data on the NIST batch used.


Fully Traceable for Accurate Analysis

All volumetric solutions in our Titripur® product range are directly traceable to Certipur® certified secondary volumetric standards from MilliporeSigma. In turn, these Certipur materials are directly traceable to standard reference materials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Consequently, every Titripur® solution from MilliporeSigma is traceable to NIST standard reference materials. With this level of accountability, you can rest assured that Titripur® will deliver accurate results again and again.

Titripur® for Pharma

Volumetric Solutions in Accordance with the European and US Pharmacopoeias

For analytical purposes in the pharmaceutical industry, the Titripur® line includes volumetric solutions that are in accordance to both the European and the US pharmacopoeia for analytical applications. We also offer Titripur® volumetric solutions made from raw materials in accordance with the reagents part of the European and United States Pharmacopoeia. For available solutions, this is indicated in the certificate.


Innovative Packaging – Optimized for Every Application

When it comes to long-term stability, quality preservation, or efficient processes, the right packaging can make all the difference. For our volumetric solutions, we offer a wide variety of sophisticated packaging solutions for the most diverse requirements. As a matter of course, we use only packaging materials that do not alter any of the reagent's characteristics. Our bottles and canisters made from unbreakable, contamination-free polyethylene enable easy and safe handling and direct connection to your titrators. Moreover, we provide glass bottles for some volumetric solutions. All our packaging materials have been tested for their quality and atmospheric permeability, thereby ensuring the purity of your solutions during storage.

Packaging Options

Titripur® volumetric solutions are available in 0.5 l, 1 l, 2.5 l, 5 l, 10 l and 25 l PE bottles or canisters. Volumetric solutions whose stability cannot be preserved for an extended period of time in PE containers, e.g. acetic acid, are available in 1 l and 2.5 l glass bottles. For users who regularly perform different types of analyses, we also offer most volumetric solutions as Titrisol® concentrates.


Titripur® ready-to-use volumetric solutions are also available in a convenient 4 liter or 10 liter Titripac. The innovative Titripac packaging system provides a number of benefits: Every Titripac is hermetically sealed to prevent contamination after opening. Moreover, Titripac features a built-in tap that can be directly connected to a titrator and enables safe and easy withdrawal. It thus keeps your solution stable from the first to the last drop, reducing the need for time-consuming titer determinations.

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