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Titripac® - The Clever Packaging Solution Reduces Laboratory Waste.

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Titripac® is a proud winner of the 2016 Good Design Award, thanks to Titripac® as a unique eco-friendly packaging system. See why we won this award – Green Good Design – the world´s leading sustainable Green Design*

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Volumetric and Buffer Solutions in Titripac® Are Good for the Environment and Lab Work.

With the design of this packaging we aim to use as much recyclable material as possible and minimize excess package size, volume and material. In addition we are looking to ensure that packaging materials are responsibly sourced.

With Titripac® we also reduce chemical waste because the solutions could be used from the first to the last drop. This innovative packaging system avoids contamination from ambient oxygen, carbon dioxide and microbes. The product stability is ensured until the shelf life for opened packs. This prevents additional chemical waste.

Our Titripac® packaging for volumetric solutions and buffer solutions was designed to make titration and pH measurement more reliable and less wasteful. Constructed from a recyclable corrugated outer box and opaque inner bag with a unique built-in dispenser tap, the per liter packaging is less than half of the weight and material of the packaging in plastic bottles.

Another feature for volumetric titration is that the Titripac® can directly be connected with titrators which prevents the lab personnel from contact with chemical solutions.

Titripac® Packaging System

View our Titripac® video: Trust Your Titration Results

*As awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies

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Titripac® Product Sustainability Fact Sheet


Product Sustainability
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