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EMSURE® Documents & Support

Highly demanding applications often require enhanced support regarding supplier quality. For EMSURE® products, we offer comprehensive documents that go far beyond CoA or MSDS, and include important change agreements for critical product modifications.

Your advantages:

  • Streamlined lab work
  • Time and cost savings
  • Superior comparability of results
  • Certainty during product use
  • Accuracy regarding impurities
  • Confidence in analysis and production
  • Transparency & security in demanding processes

The M-Clarity™ Program

The M-Clarity™ Program includes the majority of our Life Science products classified into 6 MQ levels (MQ100 to MQ600).

  • Each level provides specific documentation and services.
  • The levels have increasing attributes to meet your application and regulatory requirements.
  • Transparency allows you to select the right product for your needs regarding change control notifications and documentation support.

All EMSURE® products are part of the M-Clarity™ program and are classified to a minimum level of MQ300, while EMPARTA® and EMPLURA® are at level MQ200. This means you get even more support and transparency with EMSURE® products.

MQ300 – Enhanced Control

EMSURE® products at the MQ300 level

1. Documentation support

  • Specification/Certificate of analysis
  • MSDS
  • ISO certificate
  • Site self-assessment
  • Country of origin statement
  • BSE/TSE or AO certificate
  • Test methods*
  • RoHS certificate*

* Optional purchase

2. Enhanced change control notification support

  • Discontinuation of product
  • Change of product specification (excluding compendial changes)
  • MQ level downgrade
  • Change of general shelf life
  • Change in test method (non-compendial)
  • Change of primary packaging material