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Fully Sealed Barrel System

Safe, Ecological, Waterproof: Closed Barrels for SeccoSolv® Dried Solvents

ully Sealed Barrel SystemAt MilliporeSigma, we constantly improve our packaging systems to ensure easy handling and reliable protection of your reagents, your lab workers, and the environment. This is especially important when it comes to dried solvents: Because they are very sensitive to water, it is essential to keep them free from moisture during storage and use. In order to protect the extraordinary quality of our SeccoSolv® dried solvents, we offer a fully sealed stainless steel barrel system for extremely water-sensitive applications that keeps water out even more effectively. Unlike our standard stainless steel barrels, the fully sealed barrel system requires no costly adapters but uses fast connectors that fit onto the rim of the barrel quickly and easily.

Feature and Benefits

  • Keeps moisture out – perfect for very water-sensitive applications
  • Quick connection – no adapters needed
  • No direct contact with solvent, no hazardous vapors
More safety: SeccoSept®

More Safety: SeccoSept®

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