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Meglumine Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Meglumine - A Counterion in API Grade

Counterions are an effective way to improve the solubility of modern pharmaceutical compounds. Often, this involves the formation of salts with sodium, calcium, potassium, or other counterions. However, for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) derived from weaker acids, it may be more appropriate to use counterions with a lower, more fitting pKa value instead – for example, meglumine.

Benefits of Meglumine:

  • Increased aqueous solubility of APIs
  • Improved API stability
  • Highest quality meglumine on the market – API grade
  • Emprove® documentation and regulatory support

Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
1106143 Meglumine, low in endotoxins suitable for use as active pharmaceutical ingredient EMPROVE® api Ph Eur, JP, USP 1 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg

We are the leading supplier to offer API-grade meglumine that complies with the ICH/Q7 guideline. Unlike technical grade meglumine, our product is specially designed to meet the needs of drug manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and patients.

What is Meglumine?
Meglumine, or D-(-)-N-Methylglucamine, is an amino sugar (derived from sorbitol) with a pKa value of 9.6. It is an FDA approved excipient in pharmaceuticals and in contrast media, and it is also used as part of the API. Meglumine can be applied in different administration routes (e.g. oral, intravenous). As a functional excipient where it acts as a counterion it may help to enhance API stability and solubility in your formulation.

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