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Poloxamer 188 Emprove® Expert

A first-rate stabilizer and surfactant

Poloxamer 188 is an excipient designed for use in liquid and semi-solid formulations and helps to improve solubility and bioavailability. It is widely used in a variety of different applications, such as biomolecule formulations, emulsions and creams. Additionally, our Poloxamer 188 Emprove® Expert performs beyond pharmacopoeia requirements that have strict limitations on the traces of formaldehyde typically present in poloxamers.

Formulate with our dependable and high-quality polymer for:

  • An excipient that’s ready for dedicated use in high-risk applications
  • In-house developed methods that help to predict and verify lot-to-lot consistency
  • Low bioburden and endotoxin levels
  • Compliancy with United States Pharmacopeia (USP/NF) and European Pharmacopeia (EP) monograph

Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
Poloxamer 188 EMPROVE® EXPERT* Ph Eur,NF
3 x 1 Kg Sample Kit
1.37112.1000 Poloxamer 188 EMPROVE® EXPERT* Ph Eur,NF 1 Kg PE wide-necked bottle 
1.37112.9010 Poloxamer 188 EMPROVE® EXPERT* Ph Eur,NF 10 Kg PE bag in square box
1.37112.9025 Poloxamer 188 EMPROVE® EXPERT* Ph Eur,NF 25 Kg  PE bag in square box
Your fast track through regulatory challenges. The new Emprove® program. Learn More

Your Fast Track Through Regulatory Challenges.
The Emprove® program.

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