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Arcofolin® L-Methylfolate

Experience the Next Level Folate

leaf in glass Arcofolin® is the monosodium salt of L-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid or L-methylfolate. This latest addition to our folate portfolio has an innovative monosodium salt as counter-ion. Due to its low water content and low molecular weight of the counterion, the assay of folate is higher than in other forms of L-methylfolates currently available on the market. It has an improved purity as well as enhanced water solubility and an excellent overall stability.

Arcofolin® fulfils all requirements for its use as a dietary ingredient in supplements in the U.S. and approvals from other countries are expected soon. On request, it is also available in API quality.

Arcofolin®’s patents are currently pending and can be licensed to selected companies in clearly-defined market segments.

For more information regarding Arcofolin®, please contact us.
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