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Level Sensors Help You Monitor and Manage Your Solvents

In order to make our customers’ processes more efficient and secure, MilliporeSigma has been pioneering the use of laboratory sensor technology for measuring filling levels in various solvents containers.
The sensor is pre-assembled either in an S40 screw cap with connections for 3mm tubes of HPLC instruments or in a 2 inch threaded adapter to connect barrels and drums.
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This technology makes it possible to automatically monitor and manage MilliporeSigma bottles and containers in process-related steps. When, for example, a bottle is filled and the level detector indicates that the desired threshold has been reached, a predefined action can be triggered: An alarm is activated and/or an actuator is closed or a pump is switched off in order to terminate the filling process for maximum safety in the lab.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
963389 Adapter with S40 thread, with level sensor for emptying solvents in bottles
963390 Adapter with S40 thread with sensor
964204 Display and alarm device for bottle level sensor
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