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Bottles for Your Individual Packaging Needs

MilliporeSigma offers a unique variety of packaging types and sizes for your individual preparations and mixtures including a wide range of glass and HDPE bottles. All our solvent bottles show optimum characteristics for easy and contamination-free solvent handling, storage, and transport and can be combined with our innovative level sensors for automatic solvent management. A special S40 safety screw cap features a PTFE insert that allows excess pressure to escape but is absolutely leakproof for liquids.

Glass bottles from MilliporeSigma are distinguished by a safe footprint, a low center of gravity and their special pouring lip for non-drip pouring. Our HDPE bottles, on the other hand, are extraordinarily easy to handle and transport due to their low weight and unbreakability. Many of our bottles are delivered in UN approved transport packaging.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
110178 Plastic bottle, 1 l
110394 Glass bottles 2.5 l
113314 Glass bottles 1 l
110390 Glass bottles, 100 ml
110188 Plastic bottle, 500 ml
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