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Hematological Staining Solutions: Consistent Performance

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/LE-Hematology Staining Solutions-120x95-08202013.jpgOur microscopy range includes various staining solutions for hematological diagnostics. All of our products are ready-to-use, IVD- registered, are CE certified and undergo comprehensive quality controls. Thus, they will result in stable and reproducible results throughout your investigation.

We offer all standard staining solutions, such as Giemsa, Leishman, Wright or May-Grünwald, for the diagnostics of blood and bone marrow samples. Whether you employ automated or manual methods of blood cell counting, our stains will perform reliably even in difficult diagnostic cases.

Panoptic Staining

The combination of the May-Grünwald and Giemsa methods for blood smears is known as panoptic staining and was developed in 1912. Other conventional panoptic stains include Wright’s and Leishman’s. The typical purple color of cell nuclei that occurs in these staining methods is due to molecular interactions between eosin Y and azure B-DNA complex. The intensity of the stain depends on the azure B content and on the ratio of azure B to eosin Y. All of our dye mixtures contain eosin Y plus a combination of methylene blue and oxidation products. The characteristic composition of each solution leads to specific staining results. However, all mixtures visualize the sample material in a comparable manner.

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A complete range of ready-to-use staining solutions for manual or automated methods

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