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Auxiliaries for Cytology: All You Need

In addition to brilliant staining solutions, we provide an excellent range of auxiliary products for cytological examination. Our M-Fix™ spray, for example, facilitates sample fixation while preventing dehydration. To reduce environmental impact and user contact with hazardous solvents, we offer the xylene substitute Neo-Clear® and its corresponding mounting medium Neo-Mount™. Other cytology auxiliaries include various mounting and immersion media.

All of our cytology products are IVDs and CE certified. Their high quality and batch-to-batch consistency guarantees reliable staining and long-term color stability. Thanks to their long shelf lives, our products also enable economical use.

M-Fix™ Spray Fixative

Whether for the classical or modified Papanicolaou staining technique, it is important that smears are fixed immediately while cells are still moist. For optimum protection against cell dehydration, we offer the M-Fix™ spray fixative. The fixing reagent can be sprayed quickly and easily onto moist cell smears to build up a thin, even layer. This fixes the smear, while preventing the loss of moisture.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimum protection against cell dehydration
  • Retention of staining properties
  • Uniform coverage of cell smears
  • Quick, simple procedure

Product Range

  • Fixation: M-Fix™ fixation spray, Ethanol for analysis EMSURE®
  • Dehydration: Ethanol, 2-Propanol, Xylene
  • Clearing: Xylene, Neo-Clear® (xylene substitute)
  • Mounting: Neo-Mount®, DPX new (non-aqueous), Entellan new, M-Glas™
  • Immerse media
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