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Reliable Solutions for Passive & Active Air Monitoring

MilliporeSigma’s settle plates are useful for qualitative analysis of airborne microorganisms and for revealing trends in airborne contamination. They are also suitable for personnel monitoring e.g. gloves. Our settle plates are easy-to-use, enabling continuous and efficient monitoring for microorganisms during production process.

Passive air monitoring is usually performed by exposing the settle plates to the air for a given time and then incubated to allow visible colonies to develop and to be counted. Viable biological particles sediment out of the air and settle onto the plate’s surface over the time of exposure.

Active air monitoring with settle plates or contact plates requires the use of a microbial air sampler to physically draw a certain pre-determined volume of air and pass it over the agar. The plate is then removed from the air sampler and directly incubated, allowing visible colonies to develop and subsequently be counted. Our settle plates are ideally suited for use with the MAS® range of microbial air monitoring systems.

MilliporeSigma’s LI, ICR/ICRplus Settle Plates are perfect for air monitoring in critical and less critical clean rooms. They meet all relevant international standards and regulations, including EU cGMP, FDA Aseptic Guidance and USP 34<1116>. The 90 mm settle plates are filled with 30 ml of agar to compensate for desiccation after active sampling of 1000 liters of air and to enable long incubation for the detection of microorganisms.

heipha ICR/ICRplus Settle Plates

ICR/ICRplus Settle Plates

MilliporeSigma's ICR/ICRplus Settle Plates are gamma-irradiated and triple-bagged for use in critical clean rooms and isolators.

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heipha LI Settle Plates for Air Monitoring

LI Settle Plates

The LI Settle Plates are non-irradiated and single-bagged for use in less critical clean rooms.

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heipha ICRplus Settle Plates Video


ICRplus Settle Plates

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