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Test for Microbial Contamination Using Membrane Filtration

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Membrane filtration is the standard test method for microbial contamination in liquids. The test sample is filtered through a microporous membrane, allowing the retention of any microbial contamination on top of the membrane. Rinsing removes residual product that might inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Once the sample is filtered, nutrient medium is added to promote growth of microorganisms for recovery. MilliporeSigma provides reliable water testing solutions based on membrane filtration to help you efficiently monitor your water.

EZ Family

EZ Family

The EZ-Product family is a range of equipments designed for membrane filtration for microbiological analysis. Its design is optimized to secure the results while optimizing the laboratory workflow.

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Culture Media for Your Water Testing Systems

MilliporeSigma provides a wide selection of culture media for bioburden testing of hospital and clinical water. All ingredients are carefully selected and analyzed to ensure that all products provide consistent performances.

Dehydrated culture media

Culture Media

Most of our media are available in granulated form. Granules produce less dust, an advantage in terms of health and safety but also in terms of performance: excellent flow properties and solubility.

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Ready-to-use culture media

Ready-to-Use Culture Media

MilliporeSigma provides a complete portfolio of ready-to-use (RTU) culture media for microbiological bioburden testing of hospital and clinical water. Culture media are recommended for the microbial enumeration tests TAMC (total aerobic microbial count) and TYMC (total yeast and molds count).

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