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Supporting Consistent Cell Growth

Since proteins created with animal-based supplements (mammalian cells) closely resemble their natural counterparts, they can provide better end-functionality and can also reduce the possibility of adverse immunological reactions. Also, mammalian cell lines permit post-translational modification of the proteins you create – for example via glycosylation.

From a bioprocessing perspective, mammalian cells can be very challenging to work with. Although mammalian cultures are often produced on a smaller scale than traditional fermentation processes, the processing and scale-up parameters involved (supplementation requirements, controlled feeding strategy and advanced media needs) can be considerably more complex. So to work with confidence, it pays to work with an experienced partner like MilliporeSigma.


With over five decades of protein fractionation expertise, MilliporeSigma is the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer for multiple grades of high quality albumins for the diagnostic and cell culture market.

Tailored to your needs
From albumins for nutrient-rich cell culture to highly purified albumins for diagnostic applications, every one of our Probumin® BSA grades is designed to meet a specific need. Whatever you require, you can take advantage of top quality, performance and safety –thanks to our fractionation technology, ISO certified facilities, US-sourced materials and proactive regulatory procedures.

Albumin is one of the most widely used proteins in the medical industry. Due to its availability, inherent stability and ligand binding ability, albumin is an essential component in the production of many therapeutic drugs and diagnostic tests.

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EX-CYTE® growth enhancement media supplement

MilliporeSigma’s EX-CYTE® supplement can significantly improve your cell culture manufacturing process when used in conjunction with our other critical media supplements. It supplies critical growth factors without the need for full-serum supplementation, making it an ideal enhancer for reduced-serum cell culture.

Proven performance
EX-CYTE® supplement is a water-soluble concentrate of cholesterol, lipoproteins and fatty acids. It provides a balanced profile of metabolic factors that are proven to enhance cell growth and protein production in a variety of mammalian cells. These include hybridomas, myelomas, CHO and HEK293 cells.

Proven quality
MilliporeSigma manufactures EX-CYTE® supplement in large batch sizes in compliance with cGMP guidelines, and test it rigorously for consistency, microbial content, clearance of bovine viruses (9 CFR 113), mycoplasma and endotoxins. It is heat pasteurized, and contains no organic solvents or detergents. EX-CYTE® supplement is made from US-sourced materials, while EX-CYTE® NZ supplement is made from New Zealand-sourced materials.

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Complementary Supplements

MilliporeSigma also offers a wide range of other supplements for specific cell culture and in vitrodiagnostics (IVD) applications – for example transferrin, Mod-U-Cyte® and gamma globulin. Designed and produced specifically for biopharmaceutical and IVD customers who operate in a regulated environment, and thus need specific quality and documentation, these supplements round off our portfolio perfectly. As a result, biopharmaceutical companies worldwide rely on us to complete the fundamental nutrition needs of cell culture in their upstream processes.

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